Meagan Costello is an Editor with over 16 years experience in the film industry.

Raised in California, Meagan developed a passion for film while attending UC San Diego in pursuit of a Communications degree.  She was selected by UCSD Professor, Zeinabu Davis, MFA, to assist teaching a course on non-linear digital editing further enabling her growing passion for the "invisible art."
After college, Meagan expanded her skills at Sony Pictures, working for Richard Branca, CAS, in the post-production sound department. This led to her first film experience, as a production assistant and later an apprentice editor, on Gridiron Gang. In the years to follow, she continued to grow in the editorial department on large-scale Hollywood features, including Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, Sony’s 21 Jump Street and Universal’s Bridesmaids.  On Bridesmaids, under the mentorship of Mike Sale, ACE, Meagan began cutting her teeth as an editor when she cut a scene that ultimately made it into the final hit film.  After assisting Oscar-winning editor Conrad Buff, ACE, she began a 3 year stint as a first assistant editor for Marvel Studios, working on such films as Thor: The Dark WorldGuardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange.  On Guardians, she garnered more editing experience when Oscar-nominated editor Fred Raskin, ACE gave her the opportunity to cut a key scene for the film.  Meagan most recently finished work on Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns, where she assisted her editor, Wyatt Smith, ACE, by assembling several scenes.

An avid lover of all genres of movies, and having now worked on over 15 features, Meagan is currently focusing on fostering relationships with independent film Directors to bring compelling narratives to audiences.